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Association between Dietary Calcium Intake and Bone Mineral Density in Older Adults

Xiaocong Yao 1Jintao Hu 2Xiuhua Kong 3Zhongxin Zhu 1 4

Ecol Food Nutr doi: 10.1080/03670244.2020.1801432. 


Calcium is a requisite nutrient in maintaining bone health. High calcium intake has been recommended for osteoporosis prevention. However, the relationship of dietary calcium intake with bone mineral density (BMD) in the elderly remained controversial. We aimd to evaluate the association between them in older adults. Using data from the Nutrition and Health Examination Survey (NHANES, 2001-2006), we conducted multivariate logistic regression analyses to explore the association of dietary calcium intake with lumbar BMD in older adults. Subgroup analyses were also performed. We included 2904 older adults aged ≥ 60 (43.63% men) for analysis. Higher dietary calcium intake was associated with greater lumbar BMD after adjusting for other covariates. In the subgroup analysis stratified by sex, this positive association existed in women, but not in men. In conclusion, for older adults aged ≥ 60, higher dietary calcium intake is associated with a higher lumbar BMD in women, but not in men.