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Commentary Clinical recommendations for prevention of secondary fractures in patients with osteoporosis Implications for dental care

Laurie K. McCauley, DDS, MS, PhD


Critical issues brought forward in the ASBMR-CMTP initiative and pertinent to dental providers focus on improving communication with patients and among health care providers; recognition of the risk and implications of experiencing future fractures, especially in the absence of therapy; and effective treatment and monitoring of patients with the chronic, lifelong condition of osteoporosis. As dentists and dental health care providers, our communication with our patients regarding their chronic metabolic conditions such as osteoporosis and the recognition of oral-systemic connections with such debilitating disorders are key. We have an opportunity to be part of the prevention not only of oral health conditions but of debilitating conditions such as osteoporotic fractures by being aware of these conditions, communicating the benefit of therapy, and minimizing the risk of experiencing adverse yet rare events