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Current Perspectives of Osteoclastogenesis Through Estrogen Modulated Immune Cell Cytokines

Isadora Akemi Uehara 1Luiz Ricardo Soldi 1Marcelo José Barbosa Silva 2

Life Sci. 2020 Jun 8;117921. doi: 10.1016/j.lfs.2020.117921. 


Estrogen is a hormone responsible for modulating several physiological processes such as immune response and bone homeostasis. Physiological fluctuations of estrogen concentration are one of the defining principles behind its mechanism. In cases of estrogen deficiency, such as in menopausal women, a more intense bone resorption may occur due to an increase in osteoclast activity. One of the main factors that influence osteoclast formation and response is the immune system, mainly through cytokines secreted by B and T cells. The purpose of this review is to highlight how estrogen can modulate the secretion of cytokines that can alter bone physiology, thereby establishing an axis between estrogen, immune cells, and osteoclastogenesis.

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