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Relationship between body mass index and cholesterol levels with histopathological grading of breast cancer

Okto Sampe Padang 1Septiman Septiman 2Prihantono Prihantono 1Gita Vita Soraya 3John Pieter Junior 2Salman Ardy Syamsu 2Elridho Sampepajung 2Muhammad Faruk 1

Breast Dis. 2021 May 27. doi: 10.3233/BD-219011. .


Background: Breast cancer, a global health problem with a high mortality rate, has several risk factors, including obesity and increased lipid profile. Postmenopausal obesity is associated with estrogen production from adipose tissue, while abnormal cell growth is triggered by insulin-like growth factor 1 (IGF-1) and insulin. Obesity could be assessed by measuring body mass index (BMI). An increase in lipid profile signifies an increased risk for breast cancer. Histopathological findings in the form of grading and differentiation can indicate how serious the condition is. Breast cancer with good differentiation is always associated with a positive prognosis.

Objective: This observational analytic study aims to determine the relationship between BMI and cholesterol levels based on the menopausal status and the histopathological grading findings of breast cancer patients.

Methods: The observational cross-sectional study analyzed histopathological grading, total cholesterol level, and body mass index. Data were analyzed with Spearman rank correlation statistical test, and the results are significant when the p-value is <0.05.

Results: Analyzing the relationship between cholesterol levels and histopathological gradings indicated a moderate correlation. The results of another correlation test based on menopausal status showed a weak correlation value, while menopause was said to be significant, indicating a moderate correlation. However, results from the analysis of BMI data in the menopausal subject group were associated with histopathological assessment.

Conclusions: There is a relationship between cholesterol levels and histopathological degrees in the two menopausal status groups. However, no relationship was found between BMI and the histopathological grades of breast cancer.