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[Romosozumab : a new treatment for severe osteoporosis]

[Article in French]

Brigitte Uebelhart 1Serge Ferrari 1

Rev Med Suisse. 2021 Apr 21;17(735):784-787.


Romosozumab is a monoclonal antibody against sclerostin. Its dual effect on bone is to increase formation and decrease resorption. Sub-cutaneous injections of romosozumab are administered monthly for one year and must be relayed with a bone resorption inhibitor. Romosozumab followed by denosumab is associated with high increase of bone mineral density and decrease of fragility fractures. Gain of bone mineral density and reduction of fragility fractures are more important with romosozumab as compared with alendronate. The increase in bone mineral density is higher with romosozumab as compared to teriparatide in patients previously treated with alendronate. The use of romosozumab (Evenity) is admitted for patients with high risk of fractures but without serious vascular events.