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Effect of Ethanolic Extracts From Taiwanofungus Camphoratus and T. Salmoneus (Agaricomycetes) Mycelia on Osteoporosis Recovery

Yu-Ming Liu 1I-Ju Lin 1Ci-Wei Huang 1Rao-Chi Chien 2Chen-Zou Mau 3Jeng-Leun Mau 4

Int J Med Mushrooms doi: 10.1615/IntJMedMushrooms.2020033983.


Osteoporosis is common in postmenopausal women and elderly people. In this study, the ovariectomized mice were used as an in vivo test to evaluate the effects of 70% ethanolic extracts of Taiwanofungus camphoratus and T. salmoneus (Polyporales, Agaricomycetes) on postmenopausal osteoporosis. Ovariectomized mice had significantly higher body weight and histopathological alterations of the liver were found to have diffused fatty infiltrated vesicles. The bone parameters of the femur were determined by microcomputed tomography. In addition, the relative weight of the uterus is significantly lower and atrophy of the uterine glands was found in histopathological alterations. The results of trabecular bone parameters showed that feeding high doses of T. camphoratus mycelia ethanolic extract to ovariectomized mice had the ability to delay bone loss. The bone density of trabecular bone and cortical bone were also significantly higher than those of ovariectomized mice, indicating that the ethanolic extract of T. camphoratus has the potential to delay the occurrence of osteoporosis.